About Us

We’re an award winning digital agency, established in 2013, that is led by honesty, design and high performance cross-platform digital solutions. We are based in Riga and driven by young professionals. We offer and deliver wide range of digital services.

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Mission Statement

Here at Riddle we have gathered a team of young and talented proffesionals with extensive experience in creating, designing and implementing digital solutions for clients across industries. With a honest approach we try to help, build and deliver functional and beautifully crafted digital solutions to our clients, businesses and individuals. We believe that it is not the words that win over hearts and minds, but the action. It’s all about the experience, this is why we try to take that one extra step at the development process to create a journey, where everyone is working towards the best possible outcome.

So why not hire us?


1. Strategy

The scope of every project is fundamentally determined by the strategy. We’ll map out and uncover all the gaps, and define clear objectives to reach best possible result.

2. Wire-framing

Creating simple wireframes we are able to define the structure in which various features and functions will fit together. The clearer are the problems, the easier it is to solve them.

3. Design

Colours, type and grid – this is where functionality meets creativity. We pay attention to the details in order to create aesthetically pleasing graphics with the main ingredient – “Love”.

4. Development

Agile collaboration approach, creating together a flexible and inclusive production journey, where all of us are working towards the best possible solution on the final product.


The Squad


Rihards Gromuls

Lead Designer / Co-founder

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Indulis Švāģers-Griezis

Lead Developer / Co-founder

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Andrejs Kirma


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Xeni Medvedeva


Bruno Segliņš

Future Star