Christmas may be gone, but our Christmas has just began, because today we received a package from Sparkfun and Robotshop! Yes, you guessed it right, it is packed full with mysterious gadgets and wires, check the unpacking video below:

Doesn’t that just bring out your inner geek, it sure does bring our one out.

Here are few items from the list:

  1. SeeedStudio DSO Nano V3 Pocket 1MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  2. High Vacuum Desoldering Pump w/Anti-Static Tip
  3. Lead Free Solder Wire 10g Tube
  4. Prototyping Boards 58mm x 78mm
  5. Telescoping Inspection Mirror
  6. Sparkfun Sensor Kit
  7. Sparkfun Third Hand with Magnifying Glass
  8. 365 Resistor Kit (365pcs)
  9. HS-645MG Servo Motor
  10. Raspberry Pi Camera Module
  11. 12V 0.4A 36oz-in Unipolar Stepper Motor
  12. Arduino Uno – R3

We hope to develop a lot fun and exciting projects in the near future, so if you are excited as we are and want to know what we are up to, let us know by e-mail ( or just drop by the office!

Your two geeks:
Indulis & Rihards