It’s early May and the sun is out with a nice summer breeze and the Riddle team is on it’s way to Vilnius to the 10th Login Conference.

As we value education and consistent learning curves, this year we decided that we will mix two activities into one – Team Building and the Login Conference.

So what did we learn, was it worth it? It depends how you look at it, usually most of conferences are rubbish, in a sense that most speakers, no matter how big they are, try to sell their products and services and no valuable discussion is actually brought up. However Login is a massive conference with one of the biggest start-up fares, you can see in which direction the industry is shifting and where too many eggs have been put into a basket.

In the end, we did enjoy our 3 days off by adoring at that time sunny Vilnius and the wonderful people we met. Plus we had a chance to see a real life crazy cyborg!

Stay smart now 🙂