As for the last 3-4 years, us (mostly Rihards & Indulis) try to get to Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity by taking part in the Young Lions.

However, unlike previous years, this year there was a new category we had to tackle – Film. With a brief to create a social awareness campaign about rude drives: “To promote kindness and politeness on the streets, as drivers would behave with their friends and family”. (Obviously had to be 1min long).

So for the next 24h we created this, that got us in the short-list, but not enough to win tho!

That’s not it, also our Future Star Bruno Segliņš and Sintija Vizule decided to take part as well and created this lovely peace of work:

Also we were glad to see Rihards students from Riga Design & Art School accepting the challenge and being part of the Young Lions – creating this little video.

As every year, we enjoyed the process and the brief and well hoping for the chance that we can actually make it to the Cannes, oh well, maybe next year!

Rihards & Rest of the team!