Hey, Christmas is only around the corner, hope you all aready have your gift list has been all crossed out by now. As last year, also this year we treated ourselves to a small Christmas Party, or should I say a Starmas Party (pardon my pun).

As creatives we like good storytelling and nerdy stuff, so since this year is the year when Star Wars is coming back to the big screen, we decided to mix our Christmas Party with a pinch of the Force.

First we went to some Laser Tag, to prepare ourselves for all the awesomeness of Star Blasters in Star Wars, then buying 17 tickets on the opening day, we went to see The Froce Awakens (Don’t want to spoil it, but it was awesome, go see it NOOOW!!).

All that lead by our family, friends and colleagues to an office party at our place for drinks and foods.

Here at Riddle we wish you a happy Christmas and see you after the Holidays!
Rihards & The Team